Why isn't there a dedicated app?

Customers often ask us why there isn't a "native" app for their favorite platform. Here's why, and what you can do about it.

Development of a native app for Mac, Windows, iOS and/or Android would be a significant undertaking, and all of these platforms are more or less evenly distributed in requests for an app.  Since the Web application would be in demand even if we developed native apps, we have chosen to focus our resources on delivering a great experience in the browser.  Browser APIs have gotten so sophisticated that the advantages of a native application are diminishing.

But I really want a native app!

SyncSketch is entirely customer-driven, which is to say our development priorities are driven by our customers.  Here's what you can do to influence our prioritization.

We have a Feedback site that allows SyncSketch users to post feature requests, upvote each others' requests, and add comments with supporting information.

There is, for example, a request for a mobile app: 

Dedicated iPad (iOS) app: Have a dedicated app, instead of accessing via the browser on an iPad
Please, by all means, go to the Feedback site. Post, upvote, and above all comment about what benefits of a native app are important to you!