Why can't I download from this Review?

There are several reasons that the download controls might not appear.

The icon that allows you to download from the Review Player is occasionally hidden, or else options in that dropdown may be missing. 

This can be a result of a variety of possible conditions.

The Share Review Link Disallowed it

The link that someone gave you for the Review did not have the Downloads box checked to enable them (shown here for public and private projects).


If this is the case, the project owner/admin/instructor can update the permissions for that link.

Your role in the project does not have access

Your membership role (i.e. Reviewer or Viewer) in the Project may not allow downloads, or may not allow downloads of specific options, such as  Download Original File.  If this is the case, the project owner can upgrade your membership role.

You accessed the review as a Guest

If you followed a Review link without first logging into SyncSketch (just providing your name), you are logged in as a Guest. Exit the review, log into SyncSketch with an account, and try the review link again.

Downloads are disallowed by policy

If you are accessing a Review in a Team, Enterprise or Education Plus workspace, it’s possible that the administrator has completely disabled downloads as a matter of the institution's information security policy.

Not enough space to show it!

It's possible that the browser window is simply not wide enough, or the browser UI is zoomed in too far, and the control had to be hidden to maintain the overall integrity of the application.  If you can't make the window bigger, zoom out in the browser.   (Often this can be done on a trackpad or mobile device by using a pinch gesture.)

The media type does not support that option

Some media types do not support certain options in the download menu. We won't list them here because that is changing frequently.  However, to be certain, try uploading a short video clip into the same review and see if all the options are available when that item is selected.

Nope, it's none of these.  Where do I go from here?

First try accessing the review using a different browser or a different device, or even a different private/incognito window in the same browser.  Then contact support@syncsketch.com and report the issue and whether it behaves differently on different devices, browsers, tabs, media items, reviews etc..