What does SyncSketch do to keep your data secure?

You trust us with your content. We don't take this lightly and are proud to satisfy the highest industry standards.

All account types include these security features:

  • End-to-End bank level 256 bit HTTPS TLS encryption
  • Securely managed  Database and Media storage within Amazon AWS  -
    a SOC 1/2/3 and MPAA approved Framework 
  • S3 encryption of your files
  • Signed URLs to any media file with optional expirations 
  • Review access is controlled via password with optional expirations
  • Secure Identity Access Management (IAM)
  • Customizable session expiration settings per account (TTL)
  • Passwords are hashed with unique salt keys
  • Separation of payment data (via stripe.com)
    No financial information is ever stored on syncsketch.com
  • Technical staff have no access to media files below the executive level.  All troubleshooting is performed exclusively using logs and metadata.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Users can enable multi-factor authentication (MFA/2FA) if they are members of a Project in an Enterprise or Education Plus account.  Administrators of these account types can enforce the use of MFA by all Workspace users.

Enterprise-Level Security Features

There are additional Enterprise-class security features available to customers on the Enterprise and Education Plus plans. 

  • OpenID, OAuth and secure, encrypted SAML based SSO (Single Sign-On), allowing your studio to connect your user management through trusted authentication protocols, tightly controlling access of external collaborators - and users can log-in using their existing credentials.
  • Enterprise administrative policies can control, enforce or override access controls and authentication options, including:
    • Disabling user invitations below administrative level
    • Extensive logging of user activity for auditing
    • Fine-grained Download options control
    • Automatic archiving and deletion of Reviews with admin-controlled timeframes
    • API key rotation schedules
    • Expiration of signed asset URLs
    • Static watermarking of uploaded media
    • Dynamic watermarking with reviewer-specific info to deter IP leaks via screen recordings
  • Additional Enterprise security controls (e.g. IP and domain restrictions)

We continuously deploy new security measures and conduct regular third party penetration tests to prevent vulnerabilities and continuously provide the highest possible degree of security and privacy for your content and personal information.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact us at infosec@syncsketch.com.