What video resolutions are supported?

What resolution are my videos encoded to when I upload them to SyncSketch?

While we support just about any video resolution to be uploaded to SyncSketch, we re-encode your video after upload to ensure smooth and consistent playback for all users on all devices.

See our full list of supported filetypes you can upload here: What types of files are compatible with SyncSketch?

We are limited to video encodings that play back in your web browser (and this includes mobile web browsers), so we researched extensively to fine tune our settings to ensure you have the best viewing experience possible.

We encode all uploaded videos to H.264 .mp4 files with AAC audio.

Resolution settings are currently the following:

  • Free accounts: 1280x720
  • Paid accounts: 2K (max width 2048)

Video and Audio bitrates are configurable for Enterprise and Education Plus customers (see Encoding Settings for details); for everyone else they're as follows:

  • Videos under 3 minutes - 12mbps
  • Videos over 3 minutes - 9mbps