Video/Audio Chat in Reviews: The Easy Way

Bring all of your reviewers into a realtime conference in seconds.

We've been there. You've got multiple people in a review, the comments and replies are getting out of hand, and you realize this review would go much smoother with voice or video chat. 

So you launch a conferencing app, start a chat, get the URL, try to paste the link into a chat channel that has everyone in the review (but not too many people who aren't), realize that no one is monitoring that channel, give up and email it an overly-broad alias or add everyone individually (hoping you don't forget anyone)… and by the time you've gotten everyone synced up and logged into everything, you've run out of time.

Our solution is to integrate realtime chat into SyncSketch.  It uses a third party chat system called Jitsi that opens in another tab, and your reviewers get notified instantly with a link to the chat session, eliminating all the fuss and bringing your team together in seconds. 

And if all you need is audio chat, it can do that too.

Note: This feature has been disabled by default, removing the control described below. See Enabling and Disabling Video Chat for instructions for how to enable it.

Just click on the Add Video Call button in the upper right corner.  Once you have set up a login, this button will start a new chat session in another tab.

Each connected user will automatically get notified of the video chat in session, right in the SyncSketch tab. Users who join you later will also get notified. A click, and they're in.

Give it a try!

Enabling and Disabling Video Chat

Video chat is disabled by default to comply with the security concerns of some our Enterprise customers. The Workspace administrator can enable the feature by unchecking its control in the Workspace settings.

When this box is checked, the Add Video Call button described above is removed from the Review Player in all workspace Projects.


Tip: To keep the focus on the visual media, we recommend muting video for all participants when possible. We have found it to be most useful when using the Video Chat as an audio-only chat for larger or more geographically-diverse groups.