Video Chat in Reviews

We now support a third party video chat app which lets you communicate while reviewing easily.

We've been there. You've got multiple people in a review and you want to start a video chat, so you launch a videoconferencing app, start a chat, get the URL, email it to too many people or paste the link into one chat channel while everyone else is looking at a different one, and by the time you've gotten everyone synced up and logged into everything, you've run out of time.

Our solution is to integrate video chat into SyncSketch.  It uses a third party chat system that opens in another tab, but tight integration with SyncSketch means that your reviewers get notified instantly with a link to the chat session, eliminating all the fuss and bringing your team together in seconds.  And if all you need is audio chat, it can do that too.

Just click on the Add Video Call button in the upper right corner.  Once you have set up a login, this button will start a new chat session in another tab.

Each connected user will automatically get notified of the video chat in session. Users who join you later will also get notified. 

Give it a try!

Tip: To keep the focus on the visual media, we recommend muting video for all participants when possible. We have found it to be most useful using the Video Chat as an audio-only chat for larger or more geographically-diverse groups.