Using the UV Window in the 3D Model Viewer

Note: Reviews using the 3D Model Viewer are currently only available to customers on our Team, Enterprise and Education Plus plans.  Models with animation are only supported on the Enterprise and Education Plus plans. 

Customers on Free, Indie and the legacy Pro plans can continue to annotate 3D models and animations from SketchFab as previously.

UV Window

The 3D viewer is not only a great tool to review your animation, but also for static models.
In addition to tools like the wireframe overlay which helps you evaluate the model's topology, we additionally provide the UV Window to help you inspect the model's UV coordinates. 

Sketches made over the model or the UV window will preserve the way the UV Window is displayed, making this a useful tool to inspect any potential texture stretching and to give feedback about the general UV layout. 

UV Window Controls

Click the UV icon to open the UV window. (Note this icon will only be visible for models with UV coordinates.)

The UV window is not a floating window; it's part of the viewport.  However, you can use familiar desktop window controls to adjust its size and position, to make it fullscreen, or to close the window.

There are additional controls to adjust the display of the window, which you can see listed below.


Cycles through additional diffuse textures, if present


Toggles grid visibility


Toggles diffuse texture visibility


Tiles the displayed texture in the UV window


Resets the displayed section

The  +/- controls deserve a special mention. The 3D Viewer groups the UV coordinates into layers based on the material names. You can use these controls to cycle through the layers and thereby change the displayed UV coordinates. (These controls are only available if multiple materials are used.)

Object Selection

Object selections in the model and UV coordinates are linked; using the Object Selection mode is an intuitive way to see the correlation with the UV coordinates.  It's bidirectional; you can also select a UV coordinate and the corresponding portion of the model will be selected.


See Navigating 3D Models and Animations for details about Object Selection mode.

Reviewing with the UV Window

Sketching tools work over this window as elsewhere in the 3D Model Viewer. (See Reviewing 3D Models and Animations for details.) Display settings for the UV window are saved with sketches and comments, and will be restored later when each annotation is selected in the Comments pane.


In a synchronized review session, the UV window is displayed the same way for all users.