Using SyncSketch Comments

Learn about the advanced features of comments in SyncSketch: Attachments, deep links, replies and more

Text annotations are called Notes or Comments in SyncSketch, and are often an essential component of the SyncSketch workflow.  

Hiding and showing the comment pane

When comments are not being used, the Comments pane is often hidden to recover the screen space for video. Click on the speech balloon icon in the upper right to hide or show comments:


Clicking a comment will jump you (and any synced Reviewers) to the frame and/or the exact camera angle where the comment was made.

Creating Comments

Comments that are specific to the exact frame you're looking at can be added using the Commenting box in the lower right.

If you don't see this box, it can be revealed by opening the Comment pane (see above), typing the C key, or hovering over the green Comment balloon icon at the lower right:

Entering text into this box and hitting Enter or the clicking the checkmark icon will create a comment.  The comment is added to the list of comments in the Comment pane, sorted by which frame number it's associated with.

Comment types

The Commenting box in the lower right corner dialog provides two mode choices: General or Frame.  A General Comment applies to the media item visible in the review as a whole.  The Frame comment is the more typical comment.  Each Frame comment is attached to (associated with) a particular frame of the video. 

General comments will appear at the top of the Comment pane, and Frame comments will be sorted by frame number.

Timeline Markers

When you type a comment or draw a sketch, a marker will be added in the Timeline at that frame's position. 

Comment badges

The number of annotations (both comments and sketches) that have been added to an item appears in a badge in the Shot Item List at the left.

(This pane may also be hidden; press the H key once or twice to ensure that it is open.)

The badge will turn gold when at least one annotation was added recently. 

Editing Comments

To edit the text of the comment, use the pencil icon that is visible when the comment is selected.  To delete it, use the comment's trash icon.


You can reply to a comment using its Reply button; replies are indented slightly:



You can filter the list of comments to display only those by a specific author or containing a specific word using the Magnifying Glass icon at the top of the comment pane.  Then begin typing your search criteria. (See left)

Comment attachments

You can attach images to comments and reviewers can view them superimposed over the video.  See Attaching Images to Comments for details.

Deep linking

You can get a URL that you can share with others that will load SyncSketch directly to the exact Project, Review, Item, frame and Comment, even if there is more than one comment on the frame. 

To copy this "deep linked" URL, use link icon in the comment:

Learn more at Deep Linking.




You can download Notes as formatted PDFs or as a CSV spreadsheet that you can use to match back to an editorial system.  To access these, use the download icon in the upper left:

NOTE: These options may not all be available depending on Project settings, Review Link Sharing settings, enterprise policy settings or what your role is in the Review or Project.

Formatted PDF: 


Learn more about PDF downloads at Downloading a PDF Summary

Comma-Separated Values

The CSV file has the following fields:

Project Name

Review Name

Item SortOrder

Item Name

Item Status

Date Created

Frame Number




Full Name



Users can be notified via email when comments are added to Reviews. Each user can individually set their notification preferences.  See Notification Settings for details.