Using Pen Pressure in Firefox for Windows

Set up Firefox for Windows to enjoy pressure-sensitive brush behaviors in SyncSketch

By default, Firefox for Windows will not work properly with a pressure-sensitive pen like those used with Wacom and Huion tablets or the Microsoft Surface Pro.  Changing an obscure setting in Firefox will help.

The setting required isn't available in the ordinary Settings window; you will need to access Firefox's hidden Advanced Configuration Preferences.  Here's how:

1. Create a new tab.

2. In the Location bar (URL bar) type "about:config" and press Enter:

3. Click the "Accept the Risk and Continue" button:

4. Click the "Show All" button:

5. Into the "Search Preference Name" bar, paste this:


6. Double-click the word "false" to change it to "true":

At this point, the SyncSketch brush should respond to variations in pen pressure.

Other Browsers

If you are experiencing difficulties getting other browsers to respond to pressure, please look at the article Pen Pressure Sensitivity does not seem to work.