Using 3D View Presets

Speed up your 3D Reviews by using custom view presets

The Settings panel of the 3D Model Viewer has a generous selection of settings that can be used to customize how your 3D model is displayed in order to make it easier to highlight aspects of the model and its animation. (See Customizing the View in the 3D Viewerfor details.) However, switching back and forth between sets of settings during a synced review can be clumsy and tedious.

To smooth this process out, SyncSketch provides several useful presets, and you can switch easily among them.  


You can create your own custom presets as well, and share them among members of your Project.  Custom presets can be renamed, shared with Project members, and updated. Project administrators can even choose a default preset to be applied to newly uploaded models and animations.  


Updating Presets

If a custom preset needs to be updated to include an adjustment you've made

  1. Select the action menu that appears to the left of the Presets dropdown once the View Settings pane is revealed.
  2. Choose Update Preset, and select the preset you want to be updated with the current settings.  If this preset has been shared with the Project, it will affect the preset for all other Project members.
    Updating Presets

Managing Presets

You can rename, reorder, delete, or share presets using the Manage Presets dialog.

  1. Select the action menu that appears to the left of the Presets dropdown once the View Settings pane is revealed.
  2. Choose Manage Presets, which will open a dialog. The action menu at the right end of the row will let you make changes to the preset:

You can also update a preset from the current view settings in this menu.

Shown above is a private "User Preset". Select Make available to project to share the preset with other Project members. Note that once a preset is shared, it cannot be unshared.

Rename makes the name text editable, and the action menu becomes a Reset button that can be used to cancel the change.

Presets can also be deleted from here, following a confirmation.  If the preset is shared, it will affect other members of the Project.

Note: Changes to presets may not be reflected for other synced reviewers until they refresh the SyncSketch web app.  This can include creation, deletion, updates and renaming.

Setting the Default Preset

It's important to understand that the Save as Default button in the view setting pane sets the default for that specific model

Updating PresetsTo apply the same settings to all models as they are uploaded, you can create a custom preset and choose it in the new 3D Viewer panel in the Project Settings.  

From the Project Overview, go to the Manage button (with the gear icon) and select Edit Project Settings… and then choose 3D Viewer. From there, you can select the preset you want applied to every newly uploaded model.


Comments and sketches will preserve the current view settings so that annotations stay connected to the animation frame, viewing angle and view settings that were visible when the annotation was created.


Why can't I find the options to share presets with the Project members?

Only the Project's owner can create presets to share with the team.

Why can't I see presets that were shared with the Project members?

You may have joined an externally-shared Review as a guest by following a link.  Try logging into SyncSketch first, and then entering the review.  If you are a member of that Project, you will see the presets that are shared with members of the Project.