Uploading and Annotating SketchFab 3D Models

Giving feedback on Sketchfab 3D Models and Animations

It is critical for e.g. Game Animation Directors to give time and angle-specific instructions on Animations - just as it is critical for Art Directors to be able to review a model in Context instead of waiting for Screenshots.

Note: There is a new 3D Model Viewer that supports more native 3D formats and many more features.  It is available to customers on our Team, Enterprise and Education Plus plans.

Customers on Free, Indie and the legacy Pro plans can continue to annotate 3D models and animations from SketchFab as described below.

Sketchfab Upload

Once you are on a model link, just drag and drop the link onto a SyncSketch review.

Please Consider: We currently cannot access password-protected reviews. As long as you make the Sketchfab model private, however (no password), SyncSketch will be able to access it, while you are logged into Sketchfab.


Here's a quick introduction on how to annotate Models previously uploaded to SketchFab.com