Unlocking a locked workspace

Unpaid account or over the limits? After a grace period, you might see your workspace locked.

SyncSketch wants to keep your team in the flow.
In the heat of production, sometimes a team can go beyond the account limits (using more users or storage) or might have a failed payment.
SyncSketch will then gently notify you both in the UI (header) as well as emails.
If your account owner doesn't act on these notifications within 14 days, however, this workspace will be locked. 

Unlocking a workspace when you are over the user or storage limit

You can easily unlock your workspace by adjusting the limits. Please note that only the account owner has the right to adjust these limits.

The fastest way to adjust the limit is to click the warning header, then "Adjust your Limits".


Unlocking a workspace when you had a payment issue

If your workspace was locked due to a declined payment, you'll need to update your billing information to trigger a newly authorized charge. 

If the new billing information is approved, we will immediately charge you for the paid product you chose. The workspace will automatically unlock when a successful payment has been made.

Please note that after a period of nonpayment, SyncSketch reserves the right to delete content from a locked workspace.