The Pie Menu

This little-known feature can enhance efficiency

When reviewing video clips, holding down the Control key and dragging in the browser canvas on a desktop system will bring up the Pie Menu, giving quick access to commonly used tools right where you are on the canvas.  Simply drag in the direction of the desired function and release.


Note: This function is currently unavailable on mobile devices.

Here is a quick video overview:

Using the Pie Menu

Here are the details about the tools in the Pie Menu.

The Ballpoint Pen

This icon will return to the most recently-used brush tool.


The Eraser

Selecting this will select the Eraser.


The Mute Control

This will toggle local audio muting.


The Laser Pointer

This will select the Laserpointer tool.


Toggle Comments and Items

This will hide or show the Shot Item List on the left and the Comments pane on the right.  This is a quick way to maximize the size of the canvas area.


Toggle Tracing Paper

This will turn tracing paper on at the most recently used opacity level, or turn it off if it was already on.  It behaves like pressing the T key.


Toggle Ghosting

This will turn ghosting (onionskinning) on with the most recently used settings, or turn it off if it was already on.  It behaves like pressing the G key.


The Eyedropper Tool

After selecting this, the eyedropper function will be selected.  After you click an area of the canvas to sample the color it will return to the most recently used brush.  If the eyedropper tool is already selected when you select this icon, the eyedropper tool will go away without changing the color.