SyncSketch Update, Nov 2018

Good things are worth waiting for

The new version of SyncSketch is live. Finally!!

We worked hard to bring you some highly requested features and laid the foundation for a lot of great improvements in the coming weeks and months.



  • Comment replies

  • More Intuitive Item Navigation 

  • Varispeed playback with constant pitch using keyboard shortcuts (J,K,L)

  • Leaving comments and sketches when not in sync

  • Camera-based comments for 3D Models

  • General Item Comments

  • Support for transparent PNGs and Adobe Illustrator files (.ai)

  • Links in Comments - paste Google searches or any other reference.

  • Item Info View

  • Changing status in Pro Interface

  • General UI polish and a new and more legible font

  • Support for Chinese, Russian and other non latin characters in the UI

  • Tons of minor polish...


  • Okta integration

  • Host all data on your very own S3 bucket (Enterprise Plans Only)

Future Roadmap:

The latest database and backend changes allow us to move quickly and implement features much easier, so we are hoping to get some of the following features in the near future.

  • Improved Sketch Code ✅

  • Comments: Reactions like in Slack

  • Comments and Sketches with duration

  • Improved Notification System ✅

  • @Mentions 

  • Support for UTF8 (Chinese, Russian ) characters in PDF

  • Support for Emoji in Comments 👍🏼

  • Filter comments ✅

  • Turn a comment into a task

  • Upload and sort items in Player ✅

  • User defined statuses e.g "Director approved"

  • Versions

  • Retiming


  • (...)

We hope you are liking the new changes and please feel free to always get in touch with ideas, suggestions or if anything does not work as expected.

Your SyncSketch Team