SyncSketch - Unity Integration

Capture Video and screenshots from your Editor or Game View and share with your team to for immediate feedback

Our Unity integration allows for easy screenshots and gameplay recordings and gives you the ability to quickly upload them to any of your reviews on SyncSketch.


BETA: This Plugin is in active development - and we need you!
We want to make this integration the best this it can be and need you to test it, help us squish those bugs and get it just right.
Please email or let's exchange ideas on our Facebook Beta Tester Group! We look forward to jamming on this with you.

The Video Tutorial to get started

This video tutorial will drive you through the entire plugin, from installation to using the features of the integration.


For installation instructions, please refer to our Github repo - this link is for Unity 2019.1, so make sure to pick the correct version from the Releases.

Once installed, you should now have the ability to:

  • Add a SyncSketch Component to any camera - to record from a specific camera during gameplay
  • Open up the 'SyncSketch Toolbox' - which will allow you to make general screenshots, snips and video recordings from your Editor or Game View.

SyncSketch Camera Component

  • Go to the Inspector of any Camera hit 'Add Component'
  • Select "SyncSketch Recorder"

SyncSketch Toolbox

  • You will find the SyncSketch toolbox under Unity's Window Menu
    'Window > SyncSketch Toolbox"