Getting started with the SyncSketch API

Unlock the potential of connecting your own apps and scripts to SyncSketch

You want to integrate SyncSketch more closely into your existing pipeline?

We offer a fully-featured API through which all commands on SyncSketch can be called programmatically.  

If you have more questions, don't hesitate to ask us at

The SyncSketch API is currently available only to accounts that are on an Enterprise or Education Plus plans. Users must have a Workspace Admin or Project Admin role in order to access an API key.

Get Started

Please find the complete API documentation on our dedicated site here:

Download the Python API here:

Getting your credentials

To start using this API, you will need your API Username and API Key, which you can find near the bottom of:

User Profile > Settings > Developer Info


The moment you generate an API key is the last time you will ever see it in SyncSketch.  Be sure to click the Copy button (clipboard icon) and store it in a secure location.

Tip: Your API key can change from time to time, so don't hard-code it into anything if you can avoid it.  Instead, store it as an environment variable on your development system, pipeline host, container build files, or in your REST API development environment.

Key Rotation

The next time you open your User Profile, the API key will not be readable and cannot be copied.  There is no way to recover your API key, but you can generate a new one with the Rotate API Key button:


After clicking this button, you will be advised that any script or tool referencing the old API key will need to be updated.  (Don't forget environment variables!) Then you will have the opportunity to copy the new API key and store it securely.

The API Key Age field indicates how long it has been since the last key rotation.  Best security practice is to rotate your API key annually, quarterly or monthly depending on your organization's information security policy.


I don't have a Developer Info section!

If you do not see a Developer Info section in your User Profile (not your Workspace Settings!), you will need to upgrade to an Enterprise or Education Plus plan. If you are on one of these and you do not see this section, check your role in the Workspace. Members, Viewers and Reviewers cannot generate an API key.Are you an Admin? If yes, contact us at

I've lost my API Key!

See the section above about Key Rotation.

I don't want our API credentials to be tied to an individual user. 

That's a great idea! In that case, we recommend creating a script user instead of generating API keys for and individual user.