Can other people see what I'm zooming in on?

Overview of synced zoom & pan

Synced Zoom

Prior to Q4 2020, zooming and panning on a piece of media was only a local operation - meaning if you zoomed in or panned around, nobody else would see that.  This has now changed due to frequent customer requests that zoom and pan operations be synced with all users in a review.

Now, anybody who zooms or pans will affect all other user's views.

Want to limit zoom & pan to the person driving the review?

If a user click the Start Presenting button, it will limit the zoom & pan functionality to only them.  This is useful when you have one person who needs to drive a certain part of the review and it may be distracting to have multiple people zooming and panning.

When finished, this user can click Stop Presenting to return control to all users.