Signing Up for an Education Account

Step 1: In the Project Overview, click the “Try SyncSketch Pro button”

Step 2: You will arrive at the Upgrading Your Workspace page. Click on Educator or Student? We have a discounted plan for you.”

Step 3: You will arrive at the Education Pricing Plan. Click on Try SyncSketch Pro And start your Free Trial”

Step 4: You will arrive at the Check Out page. Fill in your information, including the number of seats and amount of storage. Then click “Start your 14 day Trial”

Step 5: Input your email and credit card information. Then click “Purchase”.


You now have access to the SyncSketch Education package.

Next Steps

if you haven't already created a project for your class, this is a great starting point.  See Creating a Class (Project) for details.

Once you have a class project, set up a Review for students to upload their files for an assignment.  See Handling Student Assignments for details.

Then it's time to invite students.  See Inviting Students to a Class/Project for details.