Signing Up for an Education Account

Choosing a discounted academic pricing plan to access more features for students and instructors

Step 1: Go to the SyncSketch Academic Pricing/Upgrading page

Step 2: Choose from the two available plans.  (Both will start with a 14-day free trial, but it's best to talk to us about the Education Plus plan so that we can customize it for your situation.)

Step 3: If you choose the basic Education plan, you will arrive at the Check Out page. Fill in your information, including the number of seats (project collaborators) and amount of storage. Then click Start your 14 day Trial.

Step 5: Input your email and credit card information. Then click Purchase.


Please Note: While our regular Education plan is available Monthly or Yearly, our Education Plus plan is only available on a Yearly subscription.


You now have access to the SyncSketch Education package.

Next Steps

if you haven't already created a project for your class, this is a great starting point.  See Creating a Class (Project) for details.

Once you have a class project, set up a Review for students to upload their files for an assignment.  See Handling Student Assignments for details.

Then it's time to invite students.  See Inviting Students to a Class/Project for details.