Signing Up

Set up your Workspace and off you go!

We're super excited to have you onboard. We're actually having a little party at this very moment just because you're looking at this page.  There's a whole little script that's running and everything.

Signing up with SyncSketch is free, with no strings attached. Don't worry about credit cards, remembering to cancel it later and whatnot. This is all about creating.

So let's create your account.

Go to to and click that 'Sign Up' Button

You can choose to register with your Google account, or just use your email address and a good password to sign up. 

When Signing up with Google, we will receive your name, email, and profile picture – and that's all – so you won't have to enter or upload those later.

Signing up with email

Signing up with your email is straightforward:

Next is a verification code.  Check your email for a message from with the subject Please verify your Email for SyncSketch.

These things nearly always end up in the spam folders of commercial email services like Gmail and Yahoo.  If you're using Gmail, you can use this link to find it regardless of what folder it's in.

If the code has expired by the time you enter it, SyncSketch will automatically send you a new one.

Next, you will set up the bare minimum user profile: Name and Profile Image.  There's a profile image you can use provided for you; you can update it later in your Profile Settings.

Please opt-in to the news and updates.  We promise we won't fill your inbox with junk.  It's mostly notifications of new features, and you don't want to miss out on those.

For all new Workspaces

No matter how you signed up, these are the last steps.

After a quick overview of what we're about, you can configure your Workspace

(The Workspace is directly associated with a user account.  But since it's where all your Projects, Reviews and media are, it makes more sense to call it a Workspace than it does to call it an Account.)

As to configuring your Workspace, there's not much to it.  The Name of the Workspace typically has the name of the company in it, but that's up to you.  The Description is optional.

At this point you will be dropped into the Project Overview for a Demo Project, containing a Demo Review with media items of various types so that you can start exploring straight away.

Have fun!