Setting up SAML with Google

Learn how to setup Single Sign On with Google Workspace (G Suite)

Note: Single Sign-On features are available to customers at the Enterprise or Education Plus tiers.

  1. Sign in as a super admin into Google Admin console (
  2. In the admin console, go to apps > Web and mobile apps.
  3. Click Add App and select Private SAML app.
  4. Name the application SyncSketch and optionally add an image.
  5. In Google Identity Provider details Download the IDP Metadata and send it to SyncSketch Support, along with the SSO URL and Entity ID, and Certificate.
  6. Proceed and enter the following URLs.
Identifier (Entity ID)
Start URL insert relay state value from SyncSketch team

Check the box for Signed Response.
Select Email as the Name ID.

Once on the Mapping page enter:

First Name -> first_name

Last Name -> last_name

Email -> email

Turn on the app

Follow the second section ("Turn on your SAML app") in Google's Set up your own custom SAML application page to turn on the service for your users.


Note on timing: These changes may not take effect immediately. You may need to wait for Google to propagate these changes throughout their server.