Sequence Playback

Select multiple shots and play them back-to-back in sequence


This feature is currently only available to customers at the Team, Enterprise and Education Plus pricing tiers.

This feature uses a novel API that is currently only available in more recent versions of the Chrome, Edge and Brave browsers.
All other browsers, and in particular Apple mobile devices, don't currently support this feature. 
If this feature is not working in a supported browser, please ensure that your browser is up to date. (Chrome users can navigate to chrome://settings/help to update)

Selecting Multiple Shots

Hold ctrl or command and click on playlist items to select multiple items.  Use Shift to select ranges of items.

Sequence Playback Controls

These controls are now available on our Enterprise level accounts, and you can view them in the keyboard shortcut list for quick reference in the player. 

To access the keyboard shortcut list, simply hold shift+? or click the question mark icon in the lower right and click "Keyboard Shortcuts"

Play Selected

After selecting multiple shots, and using (ctrl+space) to Play Selected, you'll see the timeline change to reflect the multiple shots.

Reactivate Last Context Shots

If you exit the sequence playback mode and wish to go back to the last set of shots you reviewed in sequence, this handy shortcut lets you jump back quickly without re-selecting all the shots again. (ctrl+shift+space)

Next Shot/Prev Shot

By using the up and down arrows, you can make the playhead quickly jump to the beginning of the next or previous shot in the sequence.

Isolate Next/Prev Shot

(Ctrl+shift+left or right arrow) will allow you to isolate either the next or previous shot based on where your playhead is.  This is useful if you want to loop a single shot in the sequence.

Add Next/Prev Shot to Isolation

If you'd like to expand your isolation to neighboring shots, you can add the next or prev shots by using (shift+right-arrow) or (shift+left-arrow)