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Why did my seat usage number change?

Learn why you may have seen a change in your Seat Use count

This Article applies to Enterprise customers.

Many of you have noticed and brought to our attention (thank you!) that the Seat Use summary under the Usage tab was buggy.  This article is to explain why that was happening, and why you may have seen a change in the Seat Use summary.

Ok, so what the heck happened?

We had a bug.  Ouch, there - we said it!  We don't like bugs any more than the next person, but we do have some from time to time.  In short, the bug was that we didn't count any users that were using a social login (Google or Facebook) or those logging in via Single Sign-On.
In addition, we weren't counting users of "reviewer" or "viewer" roles, which should have always been counted according to the terms with the exception of a handful of legacy workspaces.
As of April 2021, we finally addressed this bug. You should now see the correct seat number in the UI, according to your original legal terms. 
The bad news? If your workspace was affected by these bugs, you might have seen the seat usage increase. 
The good news? You have paid less than you probably should have for more than a year! And since this is our bug, it's on us :)

Why did it take so long to fix?

Quite frankly, our top priority in 2020 and the pandemic has been to make SyncSketch better in every way possible.  Given development resources are not unlimited, we wanted to focus every ounce of our effort on introducing new features and making your review experience better while we helped so many studios transition to a cloud-only workflow.

We know this bug may have caused a bit of confusion along the way, but ultimately it was in our customers' favor to be charged for fewer seats than they were actually using.  Now that we've made it through the craziest part of the Covid-induced surge in popularity, we're starting to dedicate some resources to cleaning up many of these small annoyances to make your experience clean and enjoyable from start to end.  After all, you should be worrying about how many notes the Director is making, not staring at your calculator trying to figure out how many users you have!

Why are all role types charged equally when some have limited permissions?

The 'Reviewer' and 'Viewer' roles were intended for the occasional external guest or client, which was why SyncSketch made them free when we launched. This is still the case for our legacy paid subscriptions (pro, education). However, we made these roles so powerful that they could do pretty much anything a full member could do; reviewing, accessing projects, getting notifications, everything with the exception of creating reviews, and uploading content. 

Given these powerful roles, we discovered some larger clients using SyncSketch heavily, sometimes with one paid member and up to e.g. 50 unpaid reviewers and viewers. This created a lopsided pricing structure where large Studios were essentially using SyncSketch much more but paying the same as a single freelancer. This was not only unfair to our users who indirectly footed the costs of larger studios but also folded our business plan onto itself.

For this reason, since we introduced our Enterprise Subscription, all users regardless of their roles are counted towards the seat limit. Finally, our UI has also caught up with this calculation.

We want each seat price to remain an outstanding value, with each user only having to pay their fair share. On our end, we need to be able to keep our lights on to continue providing a review platform with unparalleled feature design/development and support that is second to none. 

Questions on this?

We're happy to chat: Please don't hesitate to reach out to us on our Support Chat or via email if you have any questions or concerns.