API Script Users

This new user type is perfect for API integration tools

When using the SyncSketch API, you must pass authentication credentials in the headers of each request.  Rather than supplying the credentials of a Workspace owner or user, it’s better to create a Script User.

A Script User is a virtual user that can only be used to authenticate API requests.  They do not count against your seat usage, and you may create as many as you need.

Script users are administered from the Workspace Settings, where there is an API tab:

Click Create a new Script User and set up your user:

Username must consist of simple alphanumeric ASCII characters separated by either dashes or underscores.  This username must be unique across all of SyncSketch, so it’s best to include the name of your studio or workspace.

Description is best used to describe what tools are using this script user’s authentication credentials and contact info for the individual maintaining the integration that depends on this user’s authentication credentials.  As noted in the banner that appears the first time you access this tab, best practice is to use a unique script user for each integration.

The remainder of the dialog is for limiting the access scope of the script user by Project.  You can either give the script user access to all projects in the entire Workspace or to a specific Project or Projects; selecting Projects will add a checkbox.  For Workspaces with many projects, a filter field is provided to find specific Projects more easily.

Once a username is specified and its access scope is defined, click Create API Key.  A dialog appears giving you your only chance to copy the API Key that is needed to authenticate API requests for that username.

Store that API key in an environment variable on the system hosting the tool, or else store it securely somewhere else.

The new script user will be added to the list in the API tab. The columns display the basic data about the script user, including the current age of their API key.

A menu at the right of the user’s line in the list provides options for the script user:

Rotate API Key will regenerate another API key, invalidating the previous one.

Edit User will allow the username to be changed, as well as the Description and the access scope.

Temporarily Suspend will disable access for any tools using this script user’s authentication credentials; the button will be labeled Activate and the menu item will be renamed Re-activate Key.

Remove User will delete the Script User from the account entirely, disabling any tools that use this script user’s authentication credentials.


My integration was working but now I'm getting “Authentication credentials were not provided”.

The Workspace administrator may have selected Temporarily Suspend for a security audit or other reason.  Contact the Workspace administrator to see if this is the case.  The Workspace administrator can reactivate the account and update the script user’s Description field with references to the tool using it, and your contact info (for reference later).