Roles, Permissions & User Access Management

How do I administer what users can see and do?

When adding new users you can assign them different roles and permissions.

You can invite other users: 

  • to the Workspace (as admins and owners)
    by clicking the admins icon in the Workspace Settings view

    Access the Workspace Settings view by revealing the dropdown under your user avatar icon in the upper right corner of the Project Overview, and selecting your Workspace (it will have an Owner badge next to it).
  • to the Project (as Member, Reviewer, Viewer)
    by clicking the 
    'Users' icon in the Project Overview.

    Access the Project Overview by clicking the SyncSketch logo in the upper left corner, then selecting the appropriate Project  from the Projects dropdown.

Here are the roles in more detail…  

Note that on Education Accounts some of these these roles have different names.
These Academic names are marked with an asterisk (*)

Workspace Roles

Workspace users are global users that usually perform administrative functions.  They can be designated in the Workspace Settings, under the Admins button.

Workspace Owner
A Workspace Owner has all administrative privileges in addition to billing permissions
The person who sets up the workspace automatically becomes the workspace owner. In addition to having the permissions of an admin (see below) the owner is responsible for billing and is the only one besides a designated billing admin who has visibility into the payment options and invoicing.
typically: a member of your IT or Accounting/Procurement team

Workspace Admin
A Workspace Administrator can manage users, projects and reviews
The admin is able to fully administer projects, reviews, media, members and their roles within the Workspace or Project.
typically:  Directors, Supervisors, Producers or Instructors/Faculty

Billing Admin
A Billing Administrator can update subscription details and payment methods, view usage and download reports.  Billing admins cannot see any media, Reviews or Projects, and do not receive notification emails about Project activity. They do not count against the number of seats you have used.
typically:  Accounting/Procurement team personnel, Administrative Assistants

Manager (*Class Instructor)
a workspace manager can create projects under a given workspace.  In these projects, he/she will have the same permissions as a 'Project Admin'
typically:  Producers, Coordinators, PMs,  Instructors

Project Members

These user types have permissions specific to each Project, depending on their role.  They can be viewed and set from the Project Overview, under the Users button.

Project Admin (*Instructor) 
can administer everything within a specific projects they have been added to. She/He can manage members/reviews/projects specific settings and integrations.  
typically:  Producers, Coordinators, PMs,  Instructors

Member (*Student) 
create, review, and upload content
These (Team) Members can see all content within the project, and will be able to see all new reviews that are created, create new reviews and upload items. They aren't able to administer other members.
typically: Team members or students

Restricted Member (*Restricted Student) 
create, review, and upload content
Restricted Members are like full members but can see only those reviews which they have created, create new reviews and upload items. They aren't able to administer other members.
typically: Team members or students who should only see their own content

Users who view, approve, add comments and drawings to items in the project.
typically: Trusted Clients

Users who can only view content in the project. This is a 'read only' type access without the ability to leave notes (drawings or comments) or download.
typically: Visitors who need read-only permissions

Need a reminder?

In case you need a reminder while adding users, you will be able to click the little question mark in the upper right of the Workspace Permissions dialog.

This will present a small table showing the permissions each group has: