Review Groups

In order to manage large numbers of reviews within your workspace it's important to focus on just a subset of reviews at times. To enable that, we've added a feature we call "Review Groups". 

Review Groups from SyncSketch on Vimeo.


Review groups are completely customizable per project. Each project has a Review Group Type e.g department or episode to give the groups a proper scope. 

In this example you can see that we choose "Department" as our group type and added three departments for reviews: Animation, Lighting and FX. Once you setup your review groups a new drop down will appear in your Review tab:

When creating or editing reviews, you can assign them to a group for easy filtering.

Once created, you can select your active group of choice which will automatically filter your reviews by group.

Review Group filtering is sticky, which means it will remember your choice when you reload or access your project again. This will greatly speed up loading times for customers with lots of reviews.

You can easily add, remove or edit review groups if necessary. We hope you find this feature helpful.