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Retiring Legacy Accounts

As of December 1st 2022, SyncSketch will transition all legacy plans to our new "Indie" plan

One year after SyncSketch has introduced the new Indie and Team plans, we are now retiring our older legacy plans. If you are on one of our legacy plans (Starter, Pro, or Professional) you will be informed that your subscription and pricing will automatically switch to our most similar new plan called “Indie” at your first renewal after December 1, 2022. 

What will change for me?

This new Indie plan is the most similar plan to your current plan in respect to features and pricing. There are a few changes that may affect you depending on your usage:

Pricing: Our legacy plans have had various prices over the years. The "Indie" planis is currently offered at $12/seat/month paid monthly and $9/seat/month paid annually.

User roles: On certain legacy plans, Viewer and Reviewer roles with project access were not counted towards seats. On our new plans, all roles are counted towards seats. You can read more about this change here. We recommend reviewing your account usage before your first renewal following December 1st, 2022.


A Special Offer for legacy Users: 

We want to offer our long-time customers something special: the option to upgrade to our powerful Team plan, at the same price as our Indie plan for one year.  If you're not satisfied with Team, you can choose to downgrade at any time. 

>> To see if you qualify for this offer, please click here.

Why the pricing update?

Our platform has changed in amazing ways over the past decade. We've made large investments to offer better support, enhanced security, and we’ve improved the overall performance of SyncSketch. This price increase is necessary to maintain and push further product advancements that are essential for all of our users.

Our mission is to support artists with the most effective features possible and offer workspaces with ultimate flexibility. In doing so, we've learned that this is expensive to maintain and have restructured our plans to facilitate the quality we deliver to each user, role, and workspace.

We have also added new products/plans, such as our Team plan, which helps us deliver even more value to each user and project.

What do I need to do?

There’s no action required. Your plan will automatically transition to the Indie plan on your first renewal following December 1, 2022, unless you choose a different plan or upgrade with our special Team offer that gives you one year of Team at the price of Indie. Learn more here.