How do real-time Reviews Work?

SyncSketch synchronizes all review sessions across all active users in real-time

Think of it like google docs for visual art and videos - everyone who is in the same review/playlist can make synchronized edits, comments, draw - and that even includes time changes when they go to a different frame.

To get a 2min download on how this works - make sure to watch this video.


How can I review/teach uninterrupted from other users?

The real-time capability usually leads to a very fluent and collaborative back and forth for a few people who are aware of each other and discussing a single shot - but it can be a little bit odd for many new users and larger groups, particularly if new users are not expecting that their actions influence everyone else's session. 

There are two ways of reviewing/teaching uninterrupted from other users: Presenting or Leaving the synchronized Session.


If you want a single person to have control (as the instructor in an online school or a director review), that instructor can click on 'Start Presentation' on the upper right-hand corner, and from that point on everyone who will join that folder/review will see what that presenter shows. 

Leave the (synchronized) meeting

Vice versa, if you DON'T want to be synchronized at all with other users (including the presenter), you just have to click the 'Leave Meeting' button in the upper right-hand corner.

You will be able to continue leaving notes on the media file, unless a synchronized session is drawing on the same frame as you are - in which case we block solo user's actions to avoid conflicting notes.