Using Quick Annotations in the Media Tab

Annotate media items independent of the Reviews/Assignments they're in

The Media Tab allows you to access all media items in your Project, independent of what Reviews (or Assignments) they may be in.  You can annotate items with from the Media Tab, and annotations can be seen from the Media Tab or from the item's Review/Assignment.

You can annotate a single item by simply double-clicking it, or you can select multiple items from the Media Tab and click the Annotate Items button on the floating selection toolbar. either way, a Quick Annotation view will open.


A Quick Annotation is a simplified ad-hoc Review player, optimized specifically for annotations.  It doesn't allow synced review with other reviewers, and the Quick Annot cannot be found in the Reviews/Assignments tab.

All sketches and comments that have been added to that media item in other reviews will be visible in the Quick Annotation.

Exiting the Quick Annotation

Quick Annotations are named for the date of the Quick Annotation.  Clicking on this name will return you to the Media tab.  Clicking the SyncSketch logo will return you to the Project Overview.


Sharing Quick Annotation links

You can share a link to this Quick Annotation with another person by copying a Frame Link from the Share Link menu in the upper right.  


Once the Quick Annotation is closed, you cannot retrieve the link to the Quick Annotation.  However, selecting the same set of items allows you to open a new Quick Annotation where your previous annotations will appear, so the link to the new Quick Annotation is effectively equivalent to the link to the previews Quick Annotation.

Downloading annotations

Quick Annotations do not currently allow downloads or emailing annotations from within the Quick Annotation player. Annotations must be downloaded or emailed from the items in their original Reviews/Assignments.

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