Public and Private Projects

A guide to project privacy and password protected reviews

When you create a project, SyncSketch will ask you whether the project's contents should be private or public.



Public Projects

When this dropdown is set to Anyone with a Review Link, no login required, all reviews can be seen by anyone who has a link and requires no log-in or account with SyncSketch.

Locking it down

  1. Select the project in the Projects dropdown
  2. Click on Manage (top right). 
  3. Select Edit Project Settings… from the dropdown menu.
  4. Next to Default Link Sharing, choose Only Project Users can access Reviews


The Project is now private. 

Making a Project publicly-accessible

The above process can be used to make it public as well, by choosing the other Default Link Sharing option.  Once selected, you can choose whether guests have the ability to edit.

Private Projects

When a Project is private, Reviews can only be seen by members/reviewers or viewers which you specifically invited to the overall account or this specific Project.   

Generally, Project users must be logged in to access Reviews in private Projects.  The exception to this is when Share Review Links are shared with External Collaborators. These can override Project settings, allowing reviewers to join specific Reviews as guests. (Customers at the Team, Enterprise or Education Plus levels can disable the ability to build such links throughout the Workspace.) 

Note that this example features Password protection; Non-Project members using this link will need to enter a name and the Review's password to see the Review.  Project members, however, will not need to enter the password. 

The example also features a date set when the Link Expires.  Once that date has passed it is no longer an External link; using the link will require logging in as a Project member.

Reviews that have been set to allow External Collaborators have a gold "external" badge beneath the Share Review button: