Public and Private Projects

A guide to project privacy and password protected reviews

When you create a project, SyncSketch will ask you whether the project's contents should be private or public.

Public Projects

When this dropdown is set to 'public' all reviews can be seen by anyone who has a link and requires no log-in or account with SyncSketch.

To set the project privacy, select the project in the 'Projects' dropdown, then click on 'Users' (top right). Here you will see 'Reviews in this project is 'private'

Private Projects

All reviews can only be seen by members/reviewers or viewers which you specifically invited to the overall account or this specific project. This requires all users to be logged in - with one exception: Password protected reviews.

Password protected reviews only require a password to be accessed. (e.g. for Client Reviews).

Password Protected Reviews

To make a review password protected, 

  • hover over a review, and click the share button

  • choose 'Access for Anyone'

  • click 'Needs Password' and enter a password

  • save your changes by clicking 'Save and Copy Link'

For anyone who is not already a project member the review will now be password protected.