Add thumbnail images to represent your SyncSketch projects and items

Adding Project Thumbnails

Simply hover over the thumbnail area for the Change button to appear.  Click the Change button and upload the image you'd like to use.

Adding Item Thumbnails 

There are 2 ways to set thumbnails for items, detailed below. 

Please Note: Thumbnails can only be updated for certain file types including PDFs, whiteboards, videos, and images.

Setting Thumbnails in the Player

Open a review in the player view. Scrub to the frame you would like to use as the thumbnail. Hover over the picture icon above the sketch tools. Depending on the file type, the Set Frame as Thumbnail and Set Frame + Sketch as Thumbnail buttons will appear. Click either button to set the selected frame as thumbnail with or without sketches.

Setting Thumbnails in Preview Mode

From the project page, hover over an item and press the Spacebar to preview. Depending on the file type, a window will appear with the media content which you can scrub through. Click on the image icon on the bottom right to update the thumbnail.

Please Note: Thumbnails cannot be updated for Items in Workspaces using self-hosted S3 storage.