Project Tags

How to organize your projects using tags

Where can I find Project Tags?

Project tags can be found and edited on the Projects tab within your Workspace Settings:


Adding Project Tags

If a project doesn't have any tags currently, you'll see an "Add tags" message - simply click in this area to add a tag.  For projects that already have tags, you can click anywhere in the space that is used by the tags.

Once the tag dialog appears, simply start typing the name of your tag.  Suggestions of already existing tags will appear as you type.  If your tag has never been created before, it will appear gray (new tag).  Click on the tag after completing the naming to create the tag.

After creating the tag, a color dialog will pop up that allows you to select a color for this tag.  Click on the color you wish to associate with the tag.

Removing Tags from Projects

To remove a tag from a project, click in the tag area to bring up the tags dialog, then click the "x" icon on the tag you wish to remove.


Editing and Deleting Tags

If you'd like to change the name or color of a tag, or delete the tag completely, right-click on the tag and click "Edit "[tag name]"":

This will display the Edit dialog where you can adjust the name and color.  There is also a "Delete Tag" button at the bottom if you wish to permanently delete the tag.


We hope you'll find Project Tags useful for organizing your Projects!  Please contact support if you have any questions.