Pen Pressure Sensitivity does not seem to work

Pen Pressure is natively supported. Here's what to do if it fails.

There are infinite combinations of browser/ operating systems/ drivers/ tablet manufacturers. Many different browsers and particularly Windows have a spotty history in regards to supporting graphics tablets. As a result, the resolutions are equally varying.

This being said, we've been ironing out a ton of tablet issues lately, so if this is still not working for you you may be running into one of our known issues - or you lucky one stumbled across a new issue (please let us know if so).

Known issues:

  • Windows 7 users don't see tablet pressure sensitivity in their browser.
    Please note that there is currently no known resolution for this.
    To focus our resources on modern operating platforms, unfortunately we do not officially support Windows 7 issues any longer (sorry!).

If you don't see pressure sensitivity on ...

... launch this site and check if your browser is getting a pressure signal from your stylus at all:

  • If you are getting a pressure signal - contact and let's figure out why syncsketch does not seem to work in your case. We may not know about your set up yet and we'd love to help you & figure this out.
  • If you don't get a pressure signal, your system/browser/driver combination does not support pressure in the web browser. Please read on below to learn more.

Why does my os/browser not support pressure sensitivity?

The issues users have been running into are rooted both in the recently dropped browser plugin support as well as Windows specific API you can learn about in the next paragraph. Read on to find the workarounds and solutions right below.

The known problems are ...

  1. No more Browser Plugin Support
    Driver NPAPI plugin support (e.g. flash/silverlight/wacom etc) was deprecated in the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox.
    Since Chrome has an alternative pointer event that fires properly - the plugin is not needed there. BUT while this works beautifully on Mac, Windows has it's own problems which brings us to...

  2. Windows API
    Windows is naturally conflicted between it's own pen API 'Windows Ink' and the interaction to 3rd party tablets/pens (e.g. wacom). So you can turn 'Windows Ink' off and get browser support.

The solution/workaround for getting Wacom Pressure sensitivity to work:

  1. Open up Wacom tablet properties. Click "mapping." In the section above "mapping" you'll see three bars: Device, Tool and Application. Click the + to the right of the Application bar. A window will open with different applications. If you have Chrome open, then that will be one of the choices. Otherwise, browse to Chrome and select it. Once Chrome shows in the Application bar next to "All Other," click on its icon. Uncheck "Use Windows Ink." Click on "All Other" and make sure Use Windows Ink is still selected.

  2. Relaunch and use Chrome and go test if pressure works here as well as on