Payments on SyncSketch

And how safe/visible is my payment information?

Your payment information is collected and managed by our payment provider Stripe (that little pop-up if you upgrade/pay) - a pop-up that we safely trigger but can't see into. This is a safety measure - to conduct payments securely and make sure that no Credit Card information ever needs to be in more places than needed, including our own servers/website.

After you enter the information into the Stripe pop-up, SyncSketch receives a signal from Stripe as to whether the CC/payment is valid or not. If it is, we know we can go ahead and upgrade your account.

At no time is your credit card info displayed on SyncSketch's servers or visible to anyone.

What is the 'Remember Me' option in the payment pop-up?

If you click Remember Me in the payment pop-up, Stripe will ask you for a phone number. When you try to use Stripe with that same email address later, Stripe will not simply fill in your CC info. Instead, it will text a verification code to the phone number you entered. 

Unless a person is in possession of your phone and your SyncSketch credentials, no one will be able to use the payment method that you store with Stripe.

Is it safe?

Yes! No one else can see or use your payment information without your consent, even if you check Remember Me in the payment popup.