Notification Settings

Getting too many (or not enough) emails?

Here's how you can get to your notification settings to adjust them to your preference:



The Settings

For accounts I own or administer:

☐ when a file has been uploaded

Get an email when a file has been uploaded under any project and workspace of which you are an owner or admin

For project I am connected with:

☐ status file changes for files I uploaded

Get an email when a file which you have uploaded has changed status within any project that you are invited to.

☐ all status file changes and any files uploaded

Get an email when any file is uploaded or a file status changes within any project that you are invited to.

For reviews I am part of:

☐ summary of new notes and sketches

For any review in which you uploaded an item, get a summary of new annotations emailed to you.

Notes in the email include links that will open SyncSketch directly to the the Project, Review, Item and frame that the note is associated with.

☐ when I am mentioned in a comment

When a peer mentions you in a comment, you will receive an email notification allowing you to directly respond to the note.

Billing Admins

There is a user role called "Billing Admin" available for those who don't need access to projects, reviews or media, or notifications about activity in them.  This is for users who just administer payments, updating credit card info, etc..  If this is you, make sure your Workspace Owner has set you as a Billing admin in the Workspace Settings view.  This will ensure that you don't receive unwanted updates.


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