A quick run-down on the fastest way to navigate your files

Navigation can be thought of two ways; navigating through time-based media (video) and navigating through your SyncSketch Project.  This document concerns the former.  All of these will apply to realtime synced reviews (meaning that these will affect playback for all members in the synced review) or when working solo.

This brief video shows the most popular playback controls for the Review Player timeline.  It covers:

  • Playing
  • Looping
  • Setting in/out playback markers
  • Jumping from annotation to annotation
  • Jumping to the beginning and end
  • Jumping to a specific frame number
  • Adjusting playback speed during playback
  • Scrubbing from within the frame

Other methods

  • Dragging in the timeline with mouse or stylus is very responsive for all connected clients
  • When you click on a text comment in the list panel at the right, it will jump directly to the frame it's associated with.
  • On mobile devices, SyncSketch offers the Variscrubber, a unique tool allowing to you scrub by using your thumb vertically at the edge of the tablet, and to increase or reduce the scrubbing speed depending on the horizontal position of your thumb.  See Using SyncSketch Drawing Tools for details.
  • Links can be created that not only open the review and the item, but also jump to a specific frame and even a specific comment (if there's more than one comment on the frame).  Sharing such links can be a convenient way to make sure that another reviewer sees exactly the right frame without having to navigate anything at all.  See Deep Linking for details.
  • Short clips will have a subtle audio waveform display in the background of the timeline that can be useful for navigating directly to a distinctive audio event.