How do I get review audio under control?

SyncSketch audio playback during a synced review can really disrupt a conference call. Here's what you can do.

When the media item that's under review is a movie clip with audio, the conference calls that usually accompany a synced review can devolve into cacophony until everyone has muted their playback or their microphones.

We can't mute microphones of remote attendees – that's handled by your conferencing solution – but we do offer some controls allowing a reviewer or presentation/screening host to mute SyncSketch playback on attendees' systems.  This has the advantage of allowing the other reviewers or attendees to stay engaged with an unmuted conferencing microphone.

Muting clip playback

To control audio clip playback muting, hover or click on the speaker icon in the lower right corner:

The options should be self-explanatory.

When the host changes the playback setting for other reviewers/students/attendees, their speaker icon updates accordingly, and a message briefly appears at the top of the window:

Reviewers still have the ability to unmute SyncSketch playback, but it's their responsibility to be courteous and use headphones or mute their microphones.