Multi-Select to reorder items in a playlist

How to use Multi-Select

Gone are the days of moving a single item at a time to reorder your playlist - we now allow you to select multiple items at once!

Multi-Select in the Project Overview

First you'll need hover over the first item you wish to select and check the select box:

Next, simply click on any additional items you wish to select, and move them anywhere in the list by clicking on the move icon and dragging the group where you want it:


You can also move the selected items to another review by using the Move button in the selection menu:MultiSelect_MovetoNewReview

There are also options to clear your selections or delete items within the selection menu.

If you are using Table View instead of the Item Grid, you can still reorder using multi-select:


Multi-Select in the Player

You can also now Multi-Select items to reorder them from within a Review.  Simply select multiple items by ctrl or shift + left click on the items to add or remove from your selection.  Once you have the items you'd like to move selected, you can move using the move button in the same way you would move a single item.