Multi-Factor Authentication

How to enable and login using 2FA

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication

To enable Two-Factor Authentication, open the Project Overview and go to your User Settings.

Under the Settings tab, click the Enable button under the Multi-Factor Authentication section. Enabling2FA


Clicking Enable will bring up the setup dialog.  Follow the instructions to install Google Authenticator or Authy on your smartphone.  Use the QR code to complete the setup within the app.  The app will generate a token for you to enter in the box provided.


After successfully completing these steps and clicking the Next button, you should see the message below.


Backup Tokens

In the event you are unable to use the app to successfully authenticate, we provide backup tokens that you can use to access your account.  After completing the setup, you'll now see an option for Backup Tokens in your user settings under Multi-Factor Authentication.


Clicking this button will start the process of generating backup tokens.


Logging In Using Multi-Factor Authentication

When logging in with Multi-Factor Authentication enabled, you'll need to use the app you installed to generate a token which you'll use to login.  Enter this token in the box and click Continue to login.

If you need to use a backup token to login, please select the Backup option in the dropdown menu.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Users on paid plans can enable multi-factor authentication (MFA/2FA) if they are members of a Project in an Enterprise or Education Plus account.  Administrators of these account types can enforce the use of MFA by all Workspace users. This setting is available in the Workspace Settings > Settings > Security.