Lifecycle Management

Manage how inactive reviews are automatically archived and deleted

Setting up Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle Management settings are only available on Team, Enterprise and Education Plus level accounts.  

The settings can be found at the Workspace level, in the Settings tab under Security.

There are options to choose to Archive or Trash reviews, with the ability to set the number of days of inactivity that must pass first.

Check By

This option allows you to change how the days are counted.  You can choose to count by the date of the Last accessed item, or by the date of the First uploaded item in a review.

When moving or copying an item from an older review, if "First uploaded item" is selected, please note that the original upload date of that item (not the move/copy date) will apply.  If the item is close to expiring, moving or copying it to a new review will cause that review to be archived/deleted upon expiration of the item.

Permanently Delete

This option allows you to choose whether reviews are permanently deleted immediately when trashed, or if you'd like us to retain them for a period of 14 days after being trashed.  This allows recovery in the event of inadvertently sending a review to the trash.