Is there a quick way to see more information on an item?

Explore the convenience of the Info window and the power of a review's Table view

There are two ways to see details and metadata about uploaded media items. The Info icon will reveal descriptive metadata about an item from the review player, and a review's Table View will show more information, and provide many extra features as well.

In the Project Overview

From the Project Overview, you can see a table view with more information on each item, including who uploaded it, type, views, status, etc. Here's how:

  1. Reveal a review's media drawer using its twirldown arrow at the far left.
  2. Switch to the table view by selecting the table-grid icon at the far right of the media drawer.

From this view, you can:

  • Sort by clicking the column headers, reversing the sort using the triangle icons next to them. 
  • Reorder your playlist sequence by dragging an item by its item number. (For mobile users, you must select the item with the checkbox at the far left before moving the item to a new position.)

Selecting multiple items using the checkboxes at the far left allows you to

  • Drag them by their item numbers to new positions in the sequence
  • Set status of all selected items at once
  • Mark all selected items for deletion at once using the Delete button
  • Move all selected items to another project or review

When multiple items are selected, the Clear button unchecks all selected items.

In the Review Player

Hovering over the info icon (Or tapping it with a stylus on devices that have them):

The Info (i) icon appears on the left side in the playlist when hovering over it (or tapping it on the selected item using a stylus)

... will show an Info dashboard with item information and metadata: