Inviting students to a class/project

If you have the proper privileges (admin/instructor) within a Class or Workspace you can invite students to join a Class (also called "Project" in our documentation).

  1. In the main Class overview (that lists the Assignments), select the Students tab.
  2. Click on Add Studentsaddstudents
  3. In the Manage Users dialog, add the emails of your students either one by one or as a list of emails separated by comma e.g.,, etc...

  4. Set the role for each student. Click the circled ? in the upper right corner to see a table of permissions:
  5. Type a note that will be included in the email inviting new users, and click Save.

Tip: For best results, explicitly advise your students to sign up using their school email address instead of personal emails or through "Sign In With" providers such as Google that may not use their school email addresses. This is a common problem that causes students to be unable to access review links sent out by instructors.

Expiring memberships

You can invite new students whose membership will automatically expire on a specified date, such as the end of the semester. This can save considerable administrative time reclaiming seats for the next batch of students.

To set the expiration date for all users in the current invitation list, click on the calendar icon that appears in the lower left once you have begun to add users to the invite list.

Note that this will set a class membership expiration for everyone in the invite list, not just students.

Adding students from a spreadsheet

If you have your list of student emails in a spreadsheet, you can import them all at once.
  1. Create a table with column headers "Email" and "Permission" as the first line.
  2. Add rows with the email address of the student/TA/instructor etc. in the first column and their role in the second. 
  3. Export the table as CSV. The result should resemble this:
  4. In the Invite Students dialog, click Import from CSV File: