How do I add multiple users to a project at one time?

You can import multiple users to a project, define their role, and set an expiration date for each user using a CSV file

To add multiple users to your project, open the Invite Users dialog for the project you want to import new users into:

Once the user dialog is opened click on the Import from CSV File link and select your file. You should receive a confirmation message after the import.


The CSV file must conform to the following format:



expiration date



We also provide a sample file which can be downloaded here or from a link that will appear in the Manage Users dialog when you select the import option.  

Note: Academic/Educational users will need different role names and a different example file, and should read "Inviting Students to a Class Project" instead.

The expiration date column is optional; you can leave it blank if the user does not expire. The possible values for permission are:

  • "project admin"
  • "member"
  • "reviewer"
  • "viewer"

Click here to learn more about each role and permissions.