How do you upload something?

Pick the fastest path for uploading your files

If you are not a registered user on SyncSketch and you just want to try it, you can upload here:

If you are a registered SyncSketch user (sign up here, for free!), you can upload from the Project Overview by:

  • creating a Review (you will always need a Review as a container for your uploads)

  • dragging a file onto a Review

  • clicking Add Media

Using the Add Media button

Create a Review to contain your uploaded items:


As you can see, uploads can come from your computer's storage or from a linked Dropbox account.

For Reviews that already contain items, the Add Media button is to the left of the item thumbnails:


If you're on a paid plan, you can upload directly in the Review Player! Just click on the plus icon at the top of the item playlist, or drag and drop the files onto the item list.

Uploading from external tooling

If you are on an Enterprise or Education Plus plan, you also have access to the SyncSketch API, which has extensive upload options for customers who wish to build automated integration into their production pipeline or toolchain.

Pricing Plans and Limitations

Your uploads are limited primarily by your pricing plan.  For example, users on the Light (free) plan can upload files of up to 300MB, and can store 1GB of media. Users of our paid plans can upload files of up to 30GB, and store 50GB -- with an option to increase it to 100GB, 150GB and so on.

Most users can upload media of up to 8192 pixels in their longest dimension.  Enterprise users have no such limitation.

In addition, most 3D file types can only be uploaded by those on an Enterprise or Education+ plan.

Anyone can upload from their computer's storage or from a linked Dropbox account.  Enterprise or Education+ users have the option of uploading from their own external storage (i.e. Amazon S3).

File Format Specifics

Video and Single-Frame Stills

A wide variety of video file formats can be imported into SyncSketch.  In addition, many still image formats can be uploaded as well.  You can see the supported file formats in this page: File Format Compatibility List

Still Image Sequences

Image Sequences currently need to be converted to movie files.  See Can I upload Image Sequences? for further details.

3D Models and Animations

3D models and animations can be imported into the new fully-featured 3D Model Viewer (including files exported from  The 3D Model Viewer is available to those on an Enterprise or Education+ plan. See Importing Models into the 3D Model Viewer for further details.

SketchFab 3D

Files hosted on can be uploaded via URL into a simple review player that is accessible on any account tier, including Free accounts.  See SketchFab 3D Model uploads and Uploading and Annotating SketchFab 3D Models for further details.

Other formats

You can upload and review lat-long (equirectangular) 360˚ panoramic images and even videos.  See How do I review 360˚ spherical panoramas? 

You can also upload PDF documents. Single-page PDFs appear in our still-image review player, and multi-page documents are imported in a manner similar to animations, with each page on a different frame.