Reviewing your Workspace Usage

And how do I get charged?

How does SyncSketch charge me for my users?

With SyncSketch, paid plans include a selectable number of "seats", which determines how many users can join Projects in the Workspace. Once you purchased a number of seats, you can add users at your own pace to fill up that seat limit. You can invite users beyond your seat limit, at which point SyncSketch will gently notify you. If there are no seats available on your plan, invited users may have trouble joining the Project or Workspace.

When can I add or remove seats?

You can adjust your seat limit at any time. Adding seats in the middle of a billing cycle will result in a prorated charge. For example, if you add seats a quarter of the way through your billing cycle, the new seats will only cost three quarters of the price of your existing seats for that billing cycle. Conversely, lowering your seat limit will add a prorated credit to your next bill.

Is a seat fixed/tied to an individual user or email?

No, a seat is not fixed to a specific user or email. You can always remove a user and add another one, essentially taking up the same seat. 

Do all invited users count towards your paid seats?

Users who have been invited to Projects but have not accepted the invitation (joined the Project) do not count against paid seats. Once they join the Project, however, they count against your seats regardless of role (member type).

Workspace admins count immediately when they are added, with the exception of Billing admins.

Check out our support page on Roles and Permissions to learn more about the available user roles.

Tip: If you are using the API, you can (and should) set up an API "Script User" for your workspace that can access the account without consuming a paid seat.

Deleting a Project will free up seats if there are users who were only invited to join that Project.

Where can I easily see and adjust my current Seats and Usage?

You can see your Seat use at any time under the Usage tab under your Workspace Settings

Note: Only the Workspace Owner and Workspace Admins can access the Usage tab. For more information on user roles, click here

To access the Workspace Settings, return to the Project Overview and select the workspace from the dropdown beneath your user avatar icon in the upper right.  It may have an "Owner" badge.


When the Workspace Settings view appears, click the Usage tab.

If you need to adjust any storage or user limits, you can do so by clicking the Adjust Plan Limits button. You can also add or remove users in the Manage Seat Usage section below.

By default, this will list all of the users that count against the seat limits in your plan.  The Show all users button in the upper right of this section will display all Workspace users whether they count against seats or not; this can be used to list Billing admins and users that have not yet accepted invites.

You can remove users from the Workspace in the view with the X control that appears at the right-hand end of the user's row.  Also: Enterprise and Education Plus users can see which Projects the users are members of, and can remove them from a project in this view, as shown above.

You can add multiple users to multiple Projects via the dialog that appears when you click Add users to Projects.  You can add Workspace admins using the Admins button at the top of the window.

How do I know what users are still using their account in my Workspace?

One way to tell if it's safe to remove a user is to determine the last time they were active in your Workspace. This information is not accessible in the Usage tab, but it's easy to retrieve.

To view last login date for your users, use the Export to Excel button. You can then filter by login date in Excel.

Here's what the Excel usage report looks like: