How do Members get counted?

What is a member under your paid plan?

If your paid plan allows for e.g. 15 members, you will be able to invite 14 more members or admins in addition to yourself at no additional cost - and if you exceed that limit, SyncSketch will gently notify you.

Remind me, what are considered members?

Contributing collaborators added as 'admins' or 'members' to your account are considered members'.  Members, admins and reviewers can actively participate and annotate reviews, while viewers (as the name implies) can but not review. Click here, to learn more about roles and permissions.

  • viewers - can only view

  • reviewers - can only view and review

  • members - are contributing project collaborators who can edit/upload items

  • admins - can manage users, their privileges and create/delete items

  • owner - admin with billing responsibilities

So Reviewers and Viewers don't count towards members?

That's correct, you can share the review publicly with as many viewers and reviewers as you like - they will not be counted towards your member limit. Only the owner and users added as 'admins' or 'members' will affect your 'total members' count. Learn more about this here.

You can see the number of currently active members next to 'total members'  under your Account View. (see below)

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