How do I update the payment method?

Here's how to update your credit card info when needed in two easy steps

The workspace owner (or a billing admin, if one has been assigned) can update payment credit card info in one of two ways.

  1. Navigate to the Workspace Settings by clicking on your Profile Image on the top right and selecting the Workspace.  If you are the owner it will have the "owner" badge. 

    (If you are the billing admin, you may already be in the workspace settings as soon as you log in.  If you are the billing admin for multiple workspaces, you will need to select the correct one; the workspace owner can tell you its name if it is not obvious.)
  2. Select the Billing tab.  In most cases it should appear as shown below.  If the billing tab displays a message about the account using custom billing, you will need to contact to update the payment method.
  3. Click Update Payment Info.
  4. Confirm your email, enter your new card info and you're done!