Ghosting (Onion-Skinning)

How to use the Ghosting feature, also known as Onion-Skinning, in SyncSketch

Ghosting allows you to see an overlay of the previous and next sketches in a media item when the timeline is not playing.

You can take a quick tour of the feature in this video:

Ghosting settings

Clicking the Toggle Ghosting icon or tapping Ctrl-G key will reveal the following dialog:

In this dialog you can:

  • Set how many frames Before and After the current frame to show sketches for.  When the link icon is unbroken, changes in either field will be replicated in the other.
  • Select distinct colors for Before and After, in order to discern which sketches are which.
  • Set it to overlay sketches from neighboring frames (Consider all Frames); if there are no neighboring sketches there will be no overlay.
  • Set it to overlay sketches only from frames that have sketches (Consider only Sketches), ignoring frames without them.

Tapping the G key will turn it on and off.  This state will be shared among synced reviewers.

This feature can be especially useful in Whiteboards, and when used with other features like Tracing Paper.