Getting started with the Maya Plugin

Enjoy tight integration between SyncSketch and Maya

Our Maya Plugin allows you to:

  • Upload videos and playblasts to SyncSketch in seconds, skipping any conversion process
  • Download notes and image annotations from SyncSketch back to Maya, adjusting parameters such as frame offset, etc.
  • Manage your viewport presets for recording

The Maya plug-in is not currently compatible with Maya 2022 or later.  We plan to update our architecture to support it but we do not yet have a schedule for the release.

Get it here:



BETA: This Plugin is in active development - and we need you!
We want to make this integration the best this it can be and need you to test it, help us squish those bugs and get it just right.
Please email or let's exchange ideas on our Facebook Beta Tester Group! We look forward to jamming on this with you.

See a quick Intro Video Introduction for this plugin here: