General Troubleshooting

SyncSketch is barfing rainbows. It's really weird.

SyncSketch is acting up? Don't panic. In our experience, most issues are resolved with one of these steps listed in the Bullet Points of Wisdom below.

If the list doesn't help, we're always happy to help you out; make sure to send us a note so we know about the issue: Include your OS and Browser type and version, and a good description of what you're witnessing. Chat, Email, Anything goes. Screenshots and links are worth gold.  Inviting us to your SyncSketch reviews can be fantastic, as long as your information security team doesn't mind.  The easier you make it for us to understand what's going on, the quicker we can get it resolved.

Once we are aware of any issues we will move fast to resolve them. 

The Bullet Points of Wisdom

Strange behavior on websites can happen for a number of reasons. Here are the most common ones, along with methods to resolve them.

  • You may have browser add-ons that interfere with SyncSketch's functionality
    This is the most common cause of issues. If you're experiencing something odd, please open SyncSketch in a 'private (incognito)' browser window and try it again; this eliminates a lot of variables.
    This is a good way to test whether or not this what you are seeing is a local issue with your browser as it doesn’t load with any custom settings (e.g. add-ons)
    An Add-on known to be problematic is iObit, and we'll report more as we learn about them.
  • Your browser has a funky cache
    Force Refresh all cached elements of the page by hitting Ctrl + F5 (Windows/Linux) or  Command + Shift + R (Mac). Restarting your browser also does the trick.

  • Your browser is a bit behind the curve
    Although we do our best to stay browser-agnostic, not all browsers are created equal. If you have trouble opening a link, or if you experience speed issues - make sure you have the latest version of whatever browser you're using. Some browsers are naturally more performant for the web technology SyncSketch is using than others. Firefox and Chrome seem to work most reliably.  Microsoft Edge is catching up as well, and we test with it regularly.
    And Internet Explorer is the very best browser for replacing with something different. Life is too short to keep struggling with it.

  • A review link bounces
    We regularly remove older reviews from our SyncSketch Playground to free up space, typically after 7 days of inactivity as mentioned on upload and in our Terms of Service. If your review link doesn't work, or you feel like your review was removed by mistake, or still need access to this review, let us know; we may still be able to recover it.

  • Your cookie is outdated
    You're trying to feed SyncSketch those dried-up old cookies your dog didn't even want to touch? 😱
    Remove your cookies for SyncSketch in your browser.  For example: Firefox: Firefox/Preferences/Privacy > 'remove individual cookies'
    Search and remove all SyncSketch Cookies.
    No worries, you'll get hot and fresh ones once you reload. Yum.

  • Wear clean socks
    Don't ask us why. It usually helps. And people tend to love you for it.

Still not working?

If you're experiencing something odd, please open SyncSketch in a 'private (incognito)' browser window and try it again; let us know if that resolves the issue! If not...

Here are some tips to help us help you!

  • Let us know if other peers are experiencing the issue too, or if it's just you :( 
  • Send us the review URL (see below screenshot) if something's not looking right
  • Send over a screenshot
  • Send us your browser/operating system info HERE
  • Let us know if you're using VPN


Please Note: 

Our support team doesn't have direct access to your content, but we hope you'll be able to share the affected review URL with us. The review URL contains internal identifiers we can use to investigate in our logs. We take content security very seriously on our team, so we cannot access your private reviews unless you explicitly share them with us.

And no worries: We'll figure it out together :)