Feedback, Suggestions and Ideas?

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Starting a conversation

You've always been able to get in touch with us directly from within SyncSketch using the Support icon.  


We will respond as quickly as we can (usually within minutes), and conversations started there can be continued over email if you don't want to wait around.  And of course you can directly email us at

Feature Requests

You can use the support options above to submit and discuss suggestions for features and improvements. But it's better to post them at This way, other users can see your suggestions, make comments, and most important of all, upvote them.  This helps us prioritize the new features we add.

Tip: Don't forget to search the feedback site first.  You may not be the first person to ask for your feature. Upvotes matter!

User Community

Get in touch with us and other syncsketchers on our facebook group!