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Setting up your SyncSketch to Shotgun Integration

Shotgun is one of the most popular production management tools for VFX,  Gaming and Animation. Users have been requesting an integration between SyncSketch and Shotgun for a long time. Instead of copying and  pasting review data into both systems we released the first version of the integration. 

To see how the Shotgun integration might help you, have a look at the article on syncing playlists and notes here

Integrating the two systems is straightforward. All you need to do is create a Script User in Shotgun with access to Playlists, Shots, Versions and Notes, so SyncSketch can synchronize reviews and push notes back into Shotgun. Let's get started.

Creating a Shotgun Script User

Shotgun gives you the option to create script based users which allow developers to communicate with Shotgun through a programming interface (API).  You can find the option to create a script user in Shotguns main user menu  about half way down.

Once you have selected "Scripts" you'll see the script users overview page. Please hit the "+ Script" button to open the dialog. The name of the script user can be anything e.g. "syncsketch_api"

To connect SyncSketch to Shotgun we need:

  1.  The script name (without spaces)
  2. The URL of your website e.g
  3. The Application Key

Our current web interface does not have the ability to enter this information directly so for now it's a bit more manual. We are working on adding a Shotgun Tab in our workspace settings  in our future version of SyncSketch (coming soon).

For now the best way to send us that information is by using Onetimesecret which allows you to create encrypted links that expire.

Tip: If you choose onetimesecret to send us the information, once you created the secret, resist the temptation to click on the  link you've generated - once visited once, the secret expires (hence, "one time secret ")

Thanks for reading :)

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