Email Review Notes

Send review notes quickly and easily to project members

Sending Review Notes

When a review is finished, simply click the mail icon in the upper right to open the dialog.  Inside the dialog, you can select individual members, or use the quick option to send to the item creator or all project members.

The recipients will receive an email with a link back to the SyncSketch review containing the notes and a brief summary of the most recent changes.

Setting Default Recipients

Inside the dialog, there is also a settings button where you can set the default recipients.  If you're always sending notes to all project members, for example, you can choose that as the default so you don't have to select it manually each time.

Send Me a Copy

If you'd like to receive a copy of the email, you can choose the option provided in the dialog.

Other methods of notifying Project members

Project members who want to keep abreast of activity can opt-in in their User Profile and Settings page, accessible by clicking their email address under their user icon in the upper right.

Select the Settings tab and scroll to the section labeled Email Me…


Each of these settings will allow the user to automatically receive notification emails for the corresponding activities and updates.